EPC Project of pavment for increasing the number of Tehran-Karaj railway lines

Operation Details:

Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company wants to raise capacity of Tehran- Karaj route by increasing railway lines through an EPC project. The existing Tehran rail system, up to Karaj station exit, 42 Km long passes through Tehran and Alborz provinces. Around 70% of this route lies in Tehran and remaining 30% in Alborz province. Project goal is to improve Tehran- Karaj railway with increase to 4 lane system as follows:

A-  Mashad- Tehran- Tabriz rail-transport increase, which is one of the nation’s main and most trafficked rail network.

B-  Decrease travel time by 4 lane system.

C-  Potential of goods transit when North- South international corridor becomes active.

D-  Rail &transit connectivity between mid-Asian area countries and Europe by Mashad- Tehran- Tabriz railway with Sarakhs, Jolfa, Razi and Bazargan Entry- Exit gateways.

E-  Railway system capacity increase with construction and commissioning of Qom- Qazvin, Qazvin- Rasht- Astara, Mianeh- Ardabil- Parsabad, Mianeh- Bostanabad- Tabriz and Maraqe- Uromieh railways, which will directly impact Karaj- Qazvin traffic.

The speed for this new line will be 160 Km per hour. Project study and design of route, under track work, above track work, structures and technical element of underground details’ must be done with respect to geological, hydrological and hydraulic guidelines for smooth drainage from line surface and surroundings. Needless to say all national laws ®ulations, standards, technical and operational details must be considered to achieve project goals.