Airfield rehabilitation and development, Study &supervision project

Operation Details:

1-   Studies performed and visual site surveys all indicate numerous and wide range of Mehrabad airport pavement deficiencies, especially top layers of airfield. Since no major pavement improvement, above-grade or under-grade, has been done and during recent years only top asphalt layer rehabilitation was deemed sufficient. Therefore to improve the existing condition Mehrabad airport airfield pavement rehabilitation and improvement plan which includes major re-construction and overhaul is planned.

2-   Airfield pavements which are to be rehabilitated are:Airport’s 11L-29 runway, 4000 M long and 45 wide plus connecting taxiways and shoulder strips and lighting system.

  2-1  Phase I study report contains:

  A:  Review of geotechnical reports and affirmation of additional tests required upon tender award.     B:  Best method recommendation for pavement rehabilitation (parallel runway and connecting taxiways), including support data for top choice of rehabilitations.     C:  Pavement construction calculations for recommended plan, plus pavement details for each part.     E:  Surface drainage, best choice, above& underground.


1-   Airfield survey& topography.   2-  Provide operational drawings& geometrical plans, project line plus longitudinal profile& cross sections.   3-  Surface water drainage plan with level grading, cross sections, surface water conveyance channels, hydraulic& hydrology reports.   4-  Pavement plan details plus study recommendations.   5-  Airfield pavement marking, operational drawings.   6-  New runway lighting plans, CAT II.